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The sinister Ravenous and his legions of brutal demons are poised for battle. The situation is dire, but humanity has one final ace in the hole: the Panzer Paladin!

It's up to a rescue android named Flame to pilot the Paladin and track down all the diabolical Weapon Keepers. The showdown between the forces of the occult and the power of cutting-edge technology has begun!

Seize weapons from the demonic invaders and use your swordsmanship to slash, bash and thrust your way through 17 mind-blowing levels! Hop in your Paladin and take up arms!


Robots meet demons!

Crush the forces of the occult with the power of cutting-edge technology!

Take control!

Take control of the mighty Paladin power armor, or eject and play as the small-but-swift Squire pilot!

Wield, throw, or shatter your weapons!

Snap a weapon in half to cast a powerful spell! Use weapons profusely.

Intuitive swordplay!

Slash, bash and thrust your way through 17 mind-blowing levels located around the world!

They love it
  • Panzer Paladin already shows a lot of promise for mech lovers and fans of retro-styled games
    Cameron Hawkins, Dual Shockers
  • Panzer Paladin has a unique, stylish charm in its own right.
    Tony Wilson and Alessandro Fillari, GameSpot
  • A game where you pilot a mecha and fight against demons, all set in lush and complex pixelated glory? Yes, please.
    Josh Speer, Operation Rainfall
  • Panzer Paladin est une lettre d’amour au jeu rétro et ses semblables plus contemporaines.
    Bruno-Pierre Campeau, RDS Jeux vidéo
  • But when it comes to experimenting,[...] the team's next project is beyond what you could expect.
    Nick Moreno, Rectify Gaming
  • From what I've played so far, they're off to a great start. I've played a lot of mech games in my time, but I've never seen one that makes sword collecting its central premise before.
    Jonathan Holmes, Destructoid
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