Panzer Paladin Switch v 1.1

First patch: Important fixes!

New patch fixes China boss bug, Inverted Tower save and more!

Hey everyone! Thanks to your feedback and reports we were able to point out and fix some bugs in Panzer Paladin for Nintendo Switch. This patch is similar to the August 2020 Steam patch but has some extra improvements and fixes!

We are happy to announce that the disappearing bug with Nian, China's Weapon Keeper, is now fixed. Moreover, from now on, when you fail a level (Game Over screen) in the Inverted Tower, you will be sent back at the beginning of that level. You will no longer lose the whole Inverted Tower progress, just that specific level’s progress. (You still shouldn't go back to the World Map in between stages.)

Here’s a detailed list of changes included in the newest patch.


*Fixed Nian disappearing

*Game Over no longer wipes Inverted Tower progression

*Fixed random crash when triggering too many sounds in a short period of time

*Fixed Blacksmith mode issues when running offline

*Fixed Tournament mode crash
*Fixed single joy con controls

*Fixed rare infinite loop during the Horseman encounter

*Fixed saved game play time reporting twice the actual time played

*Fixed curse reset. (no more slow motion after death, etc.)

*Fixed empty weapon slot sent to the inventory

*Canada Story: Added a ceiling collision to prevent glitches in transition between part 3 & 4.

*Canada Remix: Added a ceiling collision to prevent glitches in transition between part 4 & 5.

*Japan Story and Remix: Changed detection direction on some exploding blocks to prevent softlocks and cheap deaths with Flame.

*Japan, USA, Ravenous City, Catacombs (story and remix): Fixed missing collisions in easy mode.


*Added more detailed error messages when using the Blacksmith and leaderboards

*Tweaked Catacombs level art

Thank you all for your support! And don't hesitate to let us know on the Tribute Games Discord server if you have any question or if you spot something that should be fixed!


The Tribute Team